HR Policies

Manpower Planning
To identify and plan for human resources in accordance with the requirement of services and business plan of the organization. The objective is to have an optimally staffed organization to meet its goals.
To lay down policy in order to meet the manpower requirements at the units & corporate centre with personnel who possess the necessary qualifications, skills and aptitude and are suitable as per the organizational needs
To welcome and acquaint new inductees with the values, culture and broad functioning of CARE Hospitals, the HR policy and related issues
Training & Development
To enunciate the types of HR training to be conducted for building the competency of associates, the purpose and methodology of training intervention
Handling Grievances
To assist all departmental/branch heads to address grievances projected by associates and systematically find solutions for the same
Employee Health Needs
To lay down policy and procedure where in the health needs of associates are being catered to by the company
Credentialing and Privileging of Physicians and Nurses
To define hospital policy and procedure for credentialing and privileging of physicians and nurses
Service Rules
To guide associates so that the conduct of business is consistent with the organization’s ethical standards
To lay down policy guidelines on availing leave
Best Associate Award
To lay down policy for identification, nominating and awarding associates who perform efficiently
To lay down policy on deputation of associates for short duration to areas of work other than their permanent areas
To lay down policy to effectively transfer associates from one unit to the other
Performance Management System
To lay down guidelines for implementation of the Performance Management System
Handing/Taking Over/Transfer of Charge & Responsibility
To lay down policy guidelines for handing/taking over/transfer of charge and responsibilities
HR Audit
To periodically and systematically review all aspects of functioning of Human Resource Department so as to strengthen core HR processes and ensure that SOPs and Govt regulations are adhered to
Entitlement in case of Death of an Associate
To lay down entitlement and provide for benefit to dependents in case of death of an associate
Associates Rendering Professional Services outside the Company
To lay down policy guidelines regarding rendering of professional services by associates at places/organizations outside the CARE group/company
Sodexo Meal Pass
To enable associates to utilize the facility of Sodexo passes
Reimbursement of Fuel/Maintenance & Drivers´ Salary
To enable associates to claim for fuel/maintenance expenditure of their personal vehicles and drivers’ salary, on a month-to-month basis
Functioning HR Committee
To lay down procedure for functioning of HR Committee
Tours & Travel
To lay down policy for eligibility and authorization of various allowances during official tours/visits by associates
To attract potential candidates and retain the right talent by compensating with salary and remuneration
Attendance Management
To provide guidelines for managing the Time Office effectively and generating the concerned reports
Implementation of Trainees & Apprentices Act
To ensure that the process of engaging apprentices is implemented as per the Apprentices Act 1961
Management of Outsourced Contract Services Manpower
To ensure streamlined management of outsourced contract services manpower, in particular adherence to government statutes
To render fair and equitable treatment to an associate who is leaving the organization
Occupational Health Hazard
To provide and take preventive measures to avoid probable accidents and health hazards to an associate who is engaged in providing health care services in the hospital
Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment
To create a healthy working environment that enables employees to work without fear of prejudice, gender bias and sexual harassment
Anti Corruption
This policy strictly prohibits employees, agents, joint ventures, consortiums, consultants, contractors over whom the company has control, from paying a bribe to, or receiving a bribe from any person of the third party, whether public or private
Whistleblower Policy
To enable an associate who observes an unethical, actual or suspected fraud or violation of the company’s policies, to approach a Whistleblower Committee without necessarily informing their supervisors. The policy protects and keeps secure associates wishing to raise a concern about serious irregularities within the company.

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