Welcome to CARE Hospitals

The CARE Hospitals Group is a multispecialty healthcare provider, with 14 hospitals serving 6 cities across 5 states of India. One of India’s fastest growing hospital chains, the CARE Hospitals Group delivers comprehensive care in more than 30 specialties in tertiary care settings.

The CARE Hospitals Group is founded on strong ethics and values. It has a firm social commitment — bringing quality medical services within the reach of all. The CARE Hospitals Group’s vision is the creation of a trusted, people-centric integrated health care institution that includes service delivery, education and research.

At CARE Hospitals, you will join a team of the best and brightest in your profession and will find opportunities for career enhancement and personal growth. We endeavor to create a supportive environment where you can trust the people you work for, take pride in what you do and enjoy the company of the people you work with. The management genuinely seeks to redress and responds to employees’ suggestions. We also believe in the absolute necessity of working in teams, while delivering care to our patients. Towards this end the emphasis is on hiring and building strong teams.

Learning and education is part of the DNA of CARE Hospitals. We believe that learning is a life-long process. Therefore, you will participate in structured education programs and also be encouraged in informal learning efforts. Under the concept of “learn while you earn”, you can attend online or evening sessions for university certified courses, being conducted by our hospitals, while attending to the job.

We believe in a right value system and ethical practices. Our core ideology remains ‘To practice medicine as it should be practiced’. Therefore, the organizational culture and transactional processes reflect the same.

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