Patient/Attendant Engagement Programs @ COPC

Patient/attendant engagement programs are being organized at COPC by Ms Sowjanya Kandru, FHA with support from Mr Amit Kapoor, DGM (Operations). The focus is on spreading awareness about various disease conditions, symptoms, treatment options and promoting good health among patients. Patients and attendants aired their questions and doubts, which were well answered by the specialist for the benefit of all present.

Patient Attendant Engagement

Some of the topics covered during the past quarter were: ‘Causes & Treatment of Joint Pains’ by Dr Veda Prakash, Consultant, Orthopedics; ‘Glaucoma — Silent Stealer of Sight’ by Dr G V S Prasad, HoD Ophthalmology; ‘Common Eye Emergencies’ by Dr Radhika Bhupathiraju, Consultant, Ophthalmology; ‘Health Check-ups & Benefits’ by Dr Anil Kotamreddy, Consultant, Wellness; ‘Common Skin Infections’ by Dr Swapna Priya, Consultant, Dermatology; ‘Common Dental Problems’ by Dr Sreenivas Akula, HoD, ‘Dentistry and Osteoporosis’ by Dr Avinash Kumar Mishra, Consultant, Orthopedics.

Around 40-50 patients and families attended each session with many of them following up with consultations with the doctors.

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