To Provide Care that People Trust

Provide Care that People Trust

Often, people ask us what is the meaning behind our tagline “To Provide Care that People Trust”, which is also our purpose statement. Well, simply put, trust means a firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something. And at CARE, we believe that every patient should have a firm belief in our services and feel reassured that they can rely on our doctors for their good health.

Care Hospitals Tagline

Through the tagline we reiterate our intention to provide healthcare services according to the people’s needs and aspire to be trusted by them for a lifetime for being excellent, efficient, safe and affordable while keeping them healthy.

Our vision statement “To be a trusted, people-centric, integrated healthcare system as a model for global health” also talks about trust. Unless we trust each other, it is difficult for a people-centric brand to survive. Especially in an industry like healthcare where life altering decisions are made every minute, trust within our team members and in every patient-doctor relationship is mandatory.

Hence, CARE places the highest priority and focus on trust. We trust our team and, hence, we provide services and healthcare facilities that you can trust.

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