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Dr Kareemullah Talks About ENT Conditions and Technologies

I am Dr Mohammed Kareemullah Khan, Consultant ENT Surgeon at CARE Hi-tech City Hospital. I have a special interest in minimal access endoscopic surgeries of both the ear, nose and throat and pediatric total larnyology. We, at CARE Hospitals, have the intentions and the plans to not just start a routine ENT department but to be a Center in Excellence. In this regard we are striving to include or to provide to the patients comprehensive care — not just diagnosis and management, but the most advanced technology that we have in the world, as far as ENT is concerned.

These days because of the changing lifestyle, because of the food habits, because of the pollution, there has been a resurgence of many ENT conditions among the population, specially the urban population. For example, some of the conditions such as allergic rhinitis in adults and also in children, hearing disabilities in children. And, apart from these many other conditions, which are dependent on the lifestyles of the people, we are seeing a lot of resurgence. One of the common conditions why patients are coming to the hospitals is allergic rhinitis. This condition is especially common in the urban population in the upwardly mobile.

Now the patient comes to us with complaints of excessive sneezing, excessive watering of the nose and excessive itching of the nose. Sometimes if this condition becomes much more severe the patient also experiences difficulty in breathing. Now there are many reasons for allergic rhinitis. One of the major reasons is the changing lifestyle where we are exposed to an urban atmosphere which is much more polluted. We are exposed to much more fast food. We are exposed to much more smoke and particulate dust in the environment. So, over a period of time, when we study the changing patterns of the disease; for example, in the past decade or so, we see that allergic rhinitis is becoming much more common.

Now, thankfully, this condition is not very life-threatening but, over a very long period of time, it has very serious impairment on the quality of life that the patient lives. Very slowly this disease, if the patient suffers continuously, can lead to many other related problems, especially of the sinuses. Now this condition can be managed medically in the initial stages but, once this thing progresses or once it becomes chronic, then the complications of allergic rhinitis become much more surgical. The most common thing is that you have problems with sinusitis, you have nasal polyposis. Now these conditions are much more surgical. These conditions require much more expertise in management. These conditions are especially managed only by an ENT surgeon and not by any other routine physicians. Now in CARE Hospitals we have the most advanced facilities for doing these surgeries for sinuses. We have the most advanced endoscopic instruments, the most advanced micro instruments. Thereby we can provide the patient with an excellent surgical outcome and help him in further prevention of these conditions.

Apart from allergic rhinitis the other conditions which are becoming much more common, especially in children, are that of upper respiratory tract infections or chronic adenotonsilitis, along with suppurative otitis media or, in plain terms, it is a sort of disability of hearing or difficulty of hearing in children. Now children these days are being exposed to many types of outside food, soft drinks, junk food, fast food, wherein they suffer from recurrent attacks of upper respiratory tract infection. This can be accompanied by snoring.

Snoring is a very trivial condition in the minds of many people but let me tell you snoring has a long term effect, especially on the growth, the development of the child, his general well being, the growth of his facial structure and also hearing. Now snoring or recurrent upper respiratory tract infection or recurrent infections of tonsils and adenoids are directly related to impaired hearing or difficulty in hearing in children. Now if this is not diagnosed at the right time or corrected at the right time, in the long term, the patient or the child might have difficulty in hearing, which might become difficult to manage in the future.

So my advice to parents of children who are suffering from such kinds of problems is — please do not be under the impression that this is a trivial issue. Take an opinion, take an expert opinion, go to the right place, find out if your child is, god forbid, not suffering from any sort of hearing difficulty, any sort of infection, adenoids or tonsils. Have them managed if he is. This is a perfectly simple condition which can be very effectively managed, either medically or surgically. But timely management can prevent a lot many complications which a child might suffer in the future, especially regarding his growth and speech development and hearing.

So these are two conditions — one in adults of allergic rhinitis and the other in children of upper respiratory tract infections and adenotonsilitis, which are becoming very common in the urban population. And which I would like to stress upon for the common people who will be watching this video that these conditions need the required importance that they deserve. They can be managed quite well provided they are managed at the right time and the right place.

Our aim in this hospital is not just treatment and management of these conditions. We also intend to have a patient outreach, reach out to the common people… try to educate them regarding how these conditions happen, what is to be done to prevent them and how we, as a hospital and as medical fraternity, can help the common man in preventing these conditions.

We intend to conduct many medical camps regarding these ENT disorders. We intend to meet many people, answer their queries, answer their doubts. They can freely come to us with their doubts and problems. We intend to help them out totally. In this regard we have every sort of investigative and diagnostic facility as far as ENT is concerned. We have a dedicated Audiology Lab, where we can conduct all the hearing assessments and all the tests regarding hearing disabilities, both in adults and children.

We at CARE Hospitals are especially here to help you out and answer your queries and doubts regarding these conditions or any other conditions regarding ENT that you have. Please feel free to come down to the hospital. Feel free to meet anyone of us. You will find that we will be the most helpful and utmost informative to you and satisfy you with all your doubts and questions.

Thank you.

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