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4 Advantages of Barefoot Running We Bet You Didn’t Know

4 Advantages of Barefoot Running We Bet You Didn’t Know

Barefoot running advantages

Yes, you read the title right. Barefoot running has a lot of advantages you didn’t know about. If you love marathons and the 1k, 10k runs, it’s time you ditch those shoes and start running with naked feet because –

  1. You will get rid of your knee pain – When running with shoes, people tend to touch the ground with their heels first. This leads to a pressure up to three times the body’s weight and can end up causing knee pain, Achilles heel or other fractures. You can do away with this pain when you do away with your shoes.
  2. You will find balance and strength – Running barefoot helps one to land on the forefoot or midfoot, which means the body can balance itself on the centre of its mass. This also helps strengthen the muscles and ligaments of your foot as well as the calf muscles.
  3. You will improve proprioception – There are exclusive sensory receptors on the nerve endings of our muscles, tendons and joints. These receptors, known as proprioceptors, detect changes in the movement and pressure within the body and relay them to save us from injuries. Running barefoot activates these receptors.
  4. You will feel more grounded – Running with naked feet helps you connect with the environment better. You can feel the texture of the ground beneath you. You will feel more connected, rooted and closer to your world.

CAUTION! Barefoot running is not for everybody. While it has many advantages, not everybody will feel better without their shoes. Heavy barefoot running can cause blisters and damage your feet. In places that experience extreme hot or cold temperatures, barefoot running can cause more harm than good.

So don’t jump into it straight away. Experiment running with and without shoes and discover what works best for you!

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