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4 Indian Health Drinks As Good As The Turmeric Latte

4 Indian Health Drinks As Good As The Turmeric Latte

Remember when your grandma asked you to sip some hot milk with turmeric before you hit the bed but you refused? Well, the same hot milk with turmeric is now a rage in the west. Popularly known as turmeric latte, it has gained a cult following, so much so that people have begun replacing their daily coffee with this latte.

While they don’t realize that the concept of turmeric milk dates way back to ancient Indian civilization and are even trying to patent it, we have identified a few more drinks that we, Indians, could make popular across the world –

Jal Jeera

  • Jal Jeera – How about some cuminato? Extremely popular during the summers, jal jeera is a very good appetizer. It hydrates the body and also aids in digestion. The rock salt in this drink has plenty of minerals that can boost your health. The ginger and coriander can help relax your body.


  • Pepper Rasam – The soup du jour of the south. There’s nothing better than sipping some piping hot pepper rasam to kick-start your day with energy. Rasam is known to have a good amount of antioxidants, thanks to the tamarind. This protects our body and keeps our skin young. Rasam is also very good for people suffering from constipation and improving the digestion process. If you’re planning to lose some weight, go for a cup of hot rasam every day.


  • Falooda – Here’s one drink that’s fancier than a Starbucks coffee. The Iced Falooda is a very popular drink made with basil seeds, vermicelli, milk, rose syrup, ice cream and dry fruits. Its most powerful ingredient is the basil seed. It’s difficult to believe the kind of health benefits basil seeds have. They help in weight loss, ensure a healthy skin, reduce acidity & constipation, have anti-inflammatory properties, detoxify the body and are very good for the hair. If you don’t enjoy having a falooda, you can soak a few basil seeds in water, add them to any drink of your choice and consume them daily.


  • Thandai – Every year during the festival of Mahashivaratri, devotees across the country are busy preparing thandai, the favorite drink of Lord Shiva. Thandai is basically a cold drink prepared with saffron, cardamom, almonds, fennel seeds, pepper, rose petals and milk. Not only is this drink incredibly refreshing but it is an instant energizer. It boosts immunity, has cancer prevention properties, strengthens our bones, helps with insomnia and has a fair amount of anti-oxidants.

Surprised at the amount of healthy drinks India has? There are many more local drinks and drinks popular in Ayurveda that have amazing healing abilities. So the next time you’re exploring a healthy alternative, look back at our country’s rich traditions and history to discover some amazing hidden treasures.

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