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5 Tips To Prevent Gout On Your Own

5 Tips To Prevent Gout On Your Own

Gout Prevention

We all know someone who is suffering from gout. You come to know that they have had a gout attack when your plans are cancelled suddenly, they don’t show up for work or need to take some time off in a hurry. If you’re suffering from this condition then this blog is for you — know that you can prevent and mitigate gout on your own without extensive treatment!

To start with, gout does really occur unannounced. Suddenly, one morning you wake up with a huge swelling; most commonly on your feet and you wonder if you’ve had a sprain that you weren’t aware of, or if you’ve had a fall when you had imbibed too much the previous night. That’s gout, always in stealth mode!

Gout occurs because of an extreme increase in the uric acid in your body. When there are increased uric acid crystals near your joints or surrounding tissue, gout surfaces. It usually takes time for this build-up. Gout is actually a blessing in disguise as you would never know if your body has elevated uric acid levels otherwise.

Following these simple tips will help you keep your uric acids in control and prevent attacks of gout:

  • Restrict your alcohol intake, especially beer. It is a shocker for all beer lovers but beer has high levels of purines, which reduce the release of uric acid in your kidneys but increase the levels in your body.
  • Avoid meat and seafood. Any food very rich in proteins and purines will increase attacks of gout.
  • Low-calorie food is a big no-no. It is very important that the level of uric acid in your body is in control. Consuming food with low calories, or adopting a low-calorie diet, might increase the release of uric acids in your body. Hence, eat healthy with limited portions and you will be doing a lot of good to your body.
  • The fact that this tip appears to surface in almost any health related issue is an example that our sedentary lifestyle is causing more damage to our body than we can see. Following a regular exercise routine will not only help in keeping a check on the levels of uric acid in your body, it will also keep other disorders like thyroid, obesity and heart problems at bay.
  • Keep a check on your medicines. There’re some medicines which result in the increase of uric acids; hence, talk to your doctor about this. And, when you know that you are susceptible to a gout attack, it is always advisable to start taking medicines which lower the levels of uric acid. It has been observed that intake of such medicines while you have had a gout attack does very little to change your condition.

The doctors here at CARE would be able to help you with the diagnosis, prevention and medication. If you have had a severe gout experience or know a friend who is suffering from one, book an appointment with our doctor and find the cure!

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