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6 Quick Tips to Rejuvenate Your Body This Summer

6 Quick Tips to Rejuvenate Your Body This Summer

It’s that time of the year again! Mangoes, lemon juice and coolers, yes — we can feel the heat wave from the scorching sun again.Summer Heat Tips

And with the kind of weather changes we’ve seen this time around, the prediction is that we’ll be witnessing one of the hottest summers in recent times. There’s no way to stop it, all that we can do is protect ourselves from harmful UV rays and maintain coolness in the body.

There are certain vegetables and fruits which increase the temperature of the body from within; similarly, certain cooling food agents can be consumed to maintain a calm, cool temperature within.

Here are some quick ways to cool your body in the summer:

  • Cool as a Cucumber: Cucumbers are incredibly hydrating and can instantly cool you in the heat. Instead of chips and a dip in the evenings, try cucumber and hummus for the much needed relief from the heat.
  • Splash of Watermelon: Remember, when we were kids and summer was all about mangoes and watermelons? Well, keep that tradition alive as the watermelon is an extremely efficient cooling agent for the body. It can detox you, fill you with water & fiber and give you a break from the heat.
  • Peaches: They’re super delicious at this time of the year and also contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which is much needed during the summer.
  • Lemons: Lemon or lime juice can be the perfect summer splash during lunch and breakfast. Citrus foods act as an effective cooling agent and also help in detoxification. To notch it up a bit mix lemon juice with soda and have your own home-made delicious lemon soda.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables all the Way: Not only do green leafy vegetables boost your immune system during the winters, they also cool you down during the summers.
  • Pineapple: What’s more mouth-watering than a pineapple sorbet? The only source of an enzyme called Bromelain (which reduces inflammation in the body) this fruit, when teamed with cucumber, a banana and a green leafy vegetable is the perfect drink for you.

Make sure to drink plenty of water because dehydration is one of the most common fall-outs of an awful summer! Try these and let us know if they have made your summer more bearable!

Stay fit, stay happy!


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