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7 Food Combinations with Honey that are a Must Try

7 Food Combinations with Honey that are a Must Try

Honey is a powerful natural ingredient that is healthy, nutritious and adds great taste to everything. Apart from Obesity Treatment , honey also offers a natural remedy for a number of ailments, allergies and health issues. It is not only a health booster but, when combined with other foods, it can work wonders for your body.

Honey Health Tips Care HospitalsSome of the commonly used and popular combinations are honey & lemon (weight loss + detox), honey & milk (to increase fertility) and honey & turmeric (to treat common respiratory conditions).

But there is more to honey than you think. Here’s presenting 7 less-known food combinations with honey and the multiple benefits they offer:

Honey + Cinnamon: Boosts your immune system, promotes a healthy heart and contains anti-cancer components. Suggested Further Reading:

Honey + Ginger: Great reliever of cold & flu, effective blood thinner & perfect solution for Migraine & Sinusitis. Read more:

Honey + Garlic: Lowers cholesterol, helps relieve sore throat, immunity booster… contains antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic properties. Here’s a recipe on how to infuse garlic with honey:

Honey + Aloe Vera: Detoxifier, promotes clear & healthy skin, adds Vitamin C to your diet. For more information, read here:

Honey + Fennel: A natural cough syrup and digestive. Read more about it here:

Honey + Clove: Relieves pimples, mouth ulcers and sore throat

Honey + Apple Cider Vinegar: Cures dandruff, gout, acne scars, swellings and helps with arthritis –

Do write to us after you try the above combinations and improve your health.

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