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Amazing Health Benefits Of Millets You Didn’t Know

Amazing Health Benefits Of Millets You Didn’t Know

Amazing Health Benefits Of Millets You Didn’t Know

Millets are a great source of natural strength. They are high in fiber and protein. They are a natural source of antioxidants and offer a host of other benefits. In modern life, we have essentially made the process of eating food a chore by itself. This is why the concept of “fast” foods and snacking has caught on. Not only are deep fried foods unhealthy, they also do not offer nutrition and the required energy to have a healthy life. After reading this article, you will hopefully be convinced of the many wonders of these forgotten gems – millets.

  • Protein rich: Millets have 15% protein content as compared to rice that stands near 6%. So if you’re a vegetarian or if you’re looking for a vegetarian protein substitute to meat, then millets is your answer.
  • Lower cholesterol: Millets contain a vitamin called niacin (which is vitamin B3) which aids in reducing cholesterol levels.
  • Battle migraine: The presence of magnesium in millets helps to control migraine and also helps to prevent heart attacks.
  • Antioxidants: Millets across the board are very high in antioxidants. No wonder a good meal cooked with millets can be a refreshing experience. The antioxidant activity rejuvenates the body and leaves you feeling fresh and ready for the next challenge in your hectic day.
  • Non-allergenic: Millets are gluten-free and non-allergenic in nature. If you or someone you know is sensitive to gluten, you can now use this healthy and tasty alternative.
  • Smart carbs: Millets have been branded as “smart carbs” because of their relatively low glycemic index. The lower the glycemic index, the lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Compared to rice and wheat, millets offer a much lower glycemic index and thus, contribute to lower blood sugar levels.
  • Fiber rich: Millets are rich in fiber, so they aid in the digestive process. For anyone suffering from constipation, a well-balanced meal with millets can aid in easy digestion.
  • Mood enhancing: Millets contain serotonin, which acts as a calming agent for your nerves. It also helps to make one feel fresh. This is the same element that makes dark chocolate a happy food.
  • Alkaline value: Most illnesses cannot sustain in a high-alkaline environment and so, more and more people across the world are switching to alkaline diets. Millets are alkaline in nature and digest easily. Moreover, they hydrate your colon, thus enabling your body to feel fresh and healthy any time of the day.

They say that Rome was not built in a day and it is true for a reason. We are sure you are now convinced about the health benefits of millets, but we also know that switching to something you are not used to can be difficult. So here are some tips to ease the transition:

  • You can cook millets instead of rice and serve it with your favorite side dishes.
  • Cultivate the habit of making breakfast porridge every day. You can experiment with different millet varieties for different days of the week. From the popular ‘Ragi’ to the more shy ‘Foxtail’ millet, you have many options. You can even add nuts and fruits to enhance the taste.
  • If you do not wish to disturb your sumptuous ‘breakfeasts’ (we all like to be happy in the morning!), then you could try millet-flour rotis (flat bread) for dinner.

Having at least one meal made of millets per day would allow you to explore the benefits and slowly, over time, switch to a fully millet based diet.

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