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Avoid Food Poisoning During Monsoons

Avoid Food Poisoning During Monsoons

As the rain drops slide down on your window pane, making a pitter-patter sound, you may be tempted to grab a plate full of steaming hot pakodas or some chatpata chaat. But before you do that, we’d like to caution you about the foods you should avoid during the monsoons.

Food poisoning monsoon

The rains usually lead to a rise in humidity that, in turn, slows down our digestive system. Have you ever felt lazy after a meal during the monsoons? That’s because of the same reason. Also, monsoons are a time when food and water are extremely susceptible to contamination. Hence, try and avoid the following foods as much as you can:

Fried Foods – These could slow down our bodies and cause tummy upsets and gastric issues.

Chaat/Pani puri – You don’t want to consume food that is contaminated by rain water!

Milk – Unless and until it’s warm or refrigerated properly, milk that has been exposed to the weather should be strictly avoided.

Pre-cut Fruits – Consume fruits immediately after peeling or cutting them.

Sea Food – Monsoon is the breeding season for a lot of sea creatures. So it is either better to avoid them completely or buy them only from a trusted source.

Undercooked Food – If you’re having eggs or red meat, ensure that they are cooked properly. Undercooked meat can contain harmful bacteria like E.coli.

Uncooked Food – Avoid salads, raw fruits and uncooked food. These can be very tricky, as the water used to wash them may not be pure.

Water – Needless to say, avoid unpurified drinking water outside.

If you have to eat outside food, choose something that is prepared and served hot like idlis, soups, etc.

If you still land up with food poisoning, visit a physician immediately and take the necessary medication. Follow these steps for a quick recovery –

  • Stick to a light diet that includes a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables
  • Be sure to hydrate yourself on a regular basis. Drink a lot of fluids.
  • Take some probiotics, barley water or apple cider vinegar.
  • Avoid dairy, caffeine or alcohol.
  • Give your body plenty of rest.
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