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Beware of Monsoon Diseases

Beware of Monsoon Diseases

Rains are here and monsoon diseases are on the prowl. The threat of diseases appears everywhere during this season and, generally, patients line up at the hospitals. Neglecting monsoon diseases can turn them into a fatal outbreak. With no exception, everyone is in danger of being affected, especially children.

Monsoon Diseases


Common Monsoon Diseases

  • Water borne ‒ Cholera (caused from contaminated water and food)

Typhoid (caused due to the consumption of unclean water)

Diarrhea (caused due to viral and bacterial infections)

  • Vector borne ‒ Malaria (spread by female anopheles mosquito)

Dengue (caused by the dengue virus)



  • Avoid crowded places.
  • Drink boiled and clean water.
  • Avoid stagnation of water near your surroundings.
  • Stay clean and healthy.
  • Eat foods that have been properly cooked.
  • Use sprays and mosquito repellents to avoid bites.
  • Keep your body warm which will help you avoid coughs, cold and flu.
  • Consult a doctor when you feel any change in your body condition; act upon early signs of illness.
  • Carry your rain gear while going out.


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