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BEWARE: Summer is Here, Again!

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With summer just around the corner, we can feel the heat waves warming up day by day. With the rising temperature we might just witness another heat wave this year. The National Crime Records Bureau has stated that there was a 61% increase in human deaths due to heat stroke last year. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were the most affected states in the country. Of the 1200 people who fell victim to the horrific summer of 2015, 852 were from Andhra Pradesh and 266 from Telangana.

It is alarming to see how weather can have such a huge influence on our daily life, but with the right measures and precautions one can combat the effects of severe heat. The most common cause of a heat stroke is dehydration. A body is at its healthiest self when the temperature is 37-38° C but when the temperature rises, the body starts pumping harder and starts exhausting the water inside the body. When your body works harder, you sweat. But if there is less water in your body and you don’t sweat, that’s when the problem begins. When the body doesn’t sweat, the blood starts becoming thicker and organ functioning is impaired.

To avoid experiencing an unpleasant summer, here are some quick tips:

  • Though its sounds clichéd, drinking lots of water really helps your body to cope with the heat.
  • Avoid intense physical activity or exercise during the hotter parts of the day.
  • Try to remain in cool places, indoors as far as possible.
  • Sunscreens are a must. The harmful UV rays can damage your skin if you do not apply any lotion.
  • Get enough rest and try to consume healthy shakes and juices to boost
  • Be there for people whose resistance is weak. The elderly need your help, keep an alert eye on them.
  • Consume smaller portions of your regular meals. Try to eat foods which act as a cooling agent to keep your body calm.
  • Wear light and loose-fitted clothes. Cotton is the most comfortable fabric you’ll find for the summer.

Summer can be a lot more pleasant if you take good care of your health. However, if even after all these measures you do feel exhausted, don’t hesitate to approach us for some health advice and get some tests done with the help of our Health Check-Up Packages.



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