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Bust That Daily Commute Stress

Bust That Daily Commute Stress

Daily Commute Traffic

Did you know that a majority of corporate professionals spend almost 1/8th of their day’s time in commuting? Not only is this daily commute time consuming, it is also very stressful. It affects your productivity as well as your health. The traffic and pollution also cause a number of problems like dust allergy, respiratory infections, multiple hair and skin issues, etc.

There are ways that one can learn how to tackle this stress and make the daily commute manageable.

  1. Take Control: Firstly, take responsibility for your mental state during the commute. Half of the stress during the commute is caused by our blaming the traffic. But, honestly, we ourselves are responsible for it. Aren’t we also a part of the traffic? Accept this fact and you’ll stop hating others. This will reduce your stress and the negativity as well.
  2. Find Alternatives: Will it help if you start 30 minutes earlier than your usual time? Will it help if you take a different route? Or will it help if you car-pool with a friend? Find alternatives that can make your commute better.
  3. Engage Yourself: Whether you are driving a car or riding in a bus, develop the habit of keeping yourself busy. Listen to some good music or an informative podcast. This way, you won’t realize how fast time passes by.
  4. Healthy Bites: Munching on a few healthy snacks on the go can be very helpful. It keeps you busy and your tummy healthy.
  5. Sweet Smells: Carry a mini perfume or aromatic oil. Smelling lemon, lavender, jasmine, basil or orange can have a very calming effect. It also helps get rid of the stink and sweat.
  6. Relax after you Reach: Don’t jump into work immediately after you reach office. Take a few minutes. Do some stretching exercises or meditate for a while. This can help you relax and set a positive pace for the rest of the day.
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