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Do You Get Enough Sleep? 5 Ways To Fight Sleep Deprivation

Do You Get Enough Sleep? 5 Ways To Fight Sleep Deprivation

Do you get enough sleep? On an average, we all need 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Of late, sleep deprivation is affecting a lot of people and many of them don’t even realize it. Sleep is more important to the body and the mind than you think. Lack of sleep can make one feel depressed and forgetful and increase the risk of diabetes and heart problems.

Sleep Deprivation

If you think you are sleep deprived, check the following signs to identify the causes:

Signs of sleep deprivation

  • You fall asleep immediately when you lie down on the bed.
  • You are always hungry.
  • You feel sleepy during the day at work.
  • Your immune system becomes weak.
  • You have dark circles under the eyes.

Causes of sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation can lead to severe consequences and, hence, needs to be treated immediately.

Effects of sleep deprivation

  • Health issues (headache, blood pressure, stress, etc).
  • Increased risk of heart attacks and diabetes
  • Reduced alertness and attention span
  • Weight gain
  • Memory loss or forgetfulness
  • Depression

Ways to fight sleep deprivation

  • Try to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. Following a regular schedule can help you stabilize the sleep pattern your body requires.
  • Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea, carbonated drinks) in the evening.
  • Avoid using mobiles and other electronics at night. The radiation from the devices can stress your eyes and the brain.
  • Take a short nap of 15 minutes if you feel sleepy during the day.
  • Exercise or work out every day. Give enough activity to your body so that it automatically falls asleep early in the night.


“Sleep is the best meditation” — Dalai Lama

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