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How To Deal With Suicidal Feelings

How To Deal With Suicidal Feelings

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There are three ways that one can deal with a negative feeling – rejection, knowledge or acceptance. When one tries to reject or resist a strong negative feeling, the feeling only grows stronger and bigger and tends to overpower us. Whereas if one tries to question the source of the feeling and how it could be tackled, one uses the power of knowledge to deal with it. But knowledge doesn’t guarantee solutions always. The third, and the most powerful way, is to accept the negativity and make peace with it.

Over the past few years, the idea of suicide has been showered with a lot of negativity. People who commit suicide are looked down upon as losers or quitters. If a friend of yours is feeling suicidal, we bet you must have told them to stop feeling that way as only losers do that. This taboo associated with suicide makes it even more difficult for people who are feeling suicidal to deal with their feelings.

If you are feeling down or have felt that way in the past or know a friend who is feeling suicidal, the first thing you should do is to accept that the idea of suicide is as natural as any other desire or feeling. ‘It is okay to feel suicidal’, tell this to yourself or your friend.

Half the battle is won when negative feelings are accepted with an open mind. The next thing to do is to get a perspective. Is the desire to commit suicide momentary or has it been there for a long time? What makes you or your friend feel this way?

If you think suicide is a solution, it is NOT! How can death, something which is so unknown and feared, be a solution to any problem? Imagine if you had the power to change three things about your life right now, what would you do and how? That would be the solution to your problems.

We can’t change everything in this world but we can definitely change a few things. To identify what we cannot change, accept it the way it is and to recognize what can be changed and to change it successfully, is the key to a positive life.

If this doesn’t persuade you to change the way you think, you need further help. It is strongly recommended to reach out to a professional counsellor or therapist who can guide you through your feelings. Again, seeking professional help is absolutely okay! There is nothing wrong with reaching out to somebody who can guide you. Just as you go to a doctor for physical ailments, you can also seek help for emotional and mental conditions.

Find the nearest suicide helpline around you and give them a call. You can also get an appointment with a professional psychiatrist who can give you the right counselling and help you feel better.



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