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How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Before we begin to discuss remedies on how to lower cholesterol, let us first understand what exactly cholesterol is and why it is important for the body. Cholesterol is a natural substance found in the human body and is produced by the liver. It helps in the production of hormones as well as a few other important substances that help in digestion.

How to lower cholesterol naturally

Contemporary diets and lifestyles have led to the consumption of foods with excess cholesterol, which is a threat to our health, as too much cholesterol can end up choking our blood vessels. This poses a great risk to our heart too. The recommended level of cholesterol in the human body is 300 mg per day. Anything more than that is harmful.

Most of the excess cholesterol enters our body through the foods we eat. Some of the most common foods that contain high levels of cholesterol include dairy products (butter, cheese, milk), fatty meat (sausages, pork fat), eggs and palm oils. Depending on the existing level of cholesterol in your body, you can either completely remove these foods from your diet or reduce your daily intake and moderate their consumption.

But simply removing or substituting these foods is not enough. One needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly to keep the body energetic and active. Here’s listing out a few natural ways to ensure that your cholesterol levels are in check –

  1. Manage weight – It has been observed in a number of cases that obesity leads to high cholesterol levels in the blood. Hence, maintaining an ideal body weight is important.
  2. Exercise every day – The need for exercising every day cannot be overemphasized. Daily exercise doesn’t just help in lowering cholesterol, it also helps the body to keep many diseases at bay. There are numerous ways to involve your body in physical activity – cycling, swimming, jogging, brisk walking, dancing or gymming. These activities not only lead to a healthy body but also a healthy mind.
  3. Sleep well – It is surprising to note the connection between sleep and cholesterol but a good night’s sleep leads to all-round wellness of the human body and, eventually, helps to reduce cholesterol.
  4. Eat healthy – We have already discussed what foods one should avoid. There are some foods which can naturally help lowering cholesterol levels and it is recommended that you include them in your diet –
    1. Garlic
    2. Soybean
    3. Cinnamon
    4. Walnuts
    5. Almonds
    6. Salmon

How to lower cholesterol naturally

All of the above foods contain compounds that can naturally bring your cholesterol levels down.

For people who already suffer from heart conditions or other medical ailments that are linked to cholesterol, it is recommended to consult an expert before making any lifestyle changes.

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