How to Tackle Vertigo

How to Tackle Vertigo

Have you ever found yourself to be dizzy when you’re at a great height or even on level ground? Do you feel your head spinning or tricking you into believing that you’re moving even when you’re perfectly still? Do you find it hard to walk straight without swaying or tilting in another direction, sometimes?

All these are symptoms of Vertigo, which is usually caused due to a sudden imbalance in the inner ear or a drop in the blood pressure. Most instances of Vertigo are harmless, although it is often a sign of some other disorder. However, do not be alarmed if you suddenly feel dizzy. Vertigo can also be an indication of something simple, such as missing your breakfast because you made a mad rush for the office.

Contrary to popular opinion, Vertigo does not occur exclusively at heights. The dizzy feeling is caused when the inner ear sends an improper signal to the brain, causing a sudden imbalance in your movement and this can happen at any level of ground. Usually this doesn’t last for more than a few seconds and it is very rare to find serious cases of Vertigo, which is recurring and leads to other complications.

The main symptoms of vertigo include:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Pain in the ears
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Difficulty in standing still
  • Blurred vision
  • Weakness in limbs
  • Feeling that everything is moving

Most people do not have a serious case of Vertigo and, generally, all it takes is a few minutes for the dizziness to subside. However, if you find it to be a recurring problem, you can try a few simple remedies to keep it in check.

To start with, make sure that you get plenty of exercise. Not only will this make you feel and look good, it will also keep your blood pressure under control, which is essential for treating Vertigo.

While we’re talking about exercise, we might as well mention that a proper diet is crucial for treating Vertigo. Your daily intake should include a healthy dose of fruits and leafy vegetables. And, no, a McVeggie burger from McDonalds doesn’t count as a healthy diet! On that note, make sure you’re not eating anything with high cholesterol levels. Also, try drinking a generous amount of water every day. It really helps in keeping your system in order.

All this might come across as really simple and generic advice, but these simple solutions are great for preventing or treating Vertigo. That said, if you want something specific like a secret formula to treat Vertigo, we do have something for you, although it doesn’t include a magical recipe.

  • A mixture of black pepper, lemon and salt mixed well in a glass of water is an excellent remedy to treat Vertigo. It quickly fights the dizziness and leaves you alert to deal with the aftertaste!
  • If you prefer something that your taste buds might like, try strawberries. They are a rich source of Vitamin C and that acts well in treating Vertigo.
  • Basil leaves are also a great choice. You can either chew them directly or add them to your tea.
  • Almonds, soaked overnight, along with milk are also a great recipe to fight vertigo. Almonds contain vitamin E, B and essential fibres that help the body.
  • Ginger tea, fondly known as adrak ki chai, is also a popular way to control nausea that is associated with vertigo.

Vertigo is not something to be worried about in most cases. Still, if you find it to be a serious, recurring issue that doesn’t seem to be subsiding with these simple remedies, consult a neuro physician immediately.

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