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Marathon Your Way To Health!

Marathon Your Way To Health!

Marathon Health Benefits

Have you ever considered participating in a marathon? Whether your answer is a yes or no, here are a few reasons why you should definitely consider running a marathon –

  1. Stay Motivated – Any activity that pushes your body outside its comfort zone also pushes your mind. It helps you stay motivated and energizes you to do more. Running a marathon can boost your confidence and help you keep up your motivation levels.
  2. Burn Calories – Who doesn’t want to shed the extra fat? And what better way to do it than run a marathon along with many others who are passionate about running?
  3. Think Better – Running, like any other sport, has a direct impact on your body and brain. Research points out that the bodily functions that help fuel the body also improve memory and learning. Hence, marathon runners are more likely to be smarter and good thinkers. (Source)
  4. Healthier Heart – Training for a marathon requires improving your body fitness on a daily basis. This training helps lower blood pressure and improves overall heart health. Not only this, your cholesterol will be under control and your immunity system will be strengthened.
  5. Stronger Stamina – Regular running can train your body and boost your stamina levels. This can have a positive impact on your personal and professional life. You will be an energetic person with positive vibes and perform better at work.
  6. Belong to a Community – When you participate in a marathon, you automatically get to make new friends, find similar circles and belong to a community of health-conscious fit people.

Once you enroll for a marathon, ensure that you follow the below mentioned do’s and don’ts for a healthy running experience –

Before Running

  • Get a medical check-up before you start training or running.
  • Eat small meals the previous day and eat less closer to bed time.
  • Wake up three hours before the race so that most of your food is digested.
  • Eat a high energy diet with proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.
  • Don’t take medicines three hours before the run; consult the doctor if you have been advised any regular medication.
  • Don’t drink too much fluid 1-2 hours before the race.
  • Wear proper shoes, socks and comfortable clothes.
  • Do some dynamic stretches with controlled movements before running.

While Running

  • Don’t waste too much energy on the first few kms.
  • Be mindful of traffic; metro rail construction in some stretches has reduced road width.
  • Use the first 3-5 kms to catch up with people you plan on running with.
  • Drink water before you get thirsty, preferably by the 10th km.
  • After finishing, keep walking for half a km and drink enough fluids.
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