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Protect Yourself from the Winter Smog

Protect Yourself from the Winter Smog


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The weather last year hasn’t put up its best show. Poor monsoons in most parts of India, drought hitting the farm lands, and floods floating away with most of Chennai is proof that our anti-environmental actions have disastrous consequences. Our exploitation of nature has led us to live in an unsafe environment amidst harmful pollutants. These pollutants seep into our body, affecting our organs one at a time.

One such default phenomenon of pollution, which we have been witnessing for quite some time now in the winter, is smog. ‘Smog’, or a mixture of smoke and fog, is a combination of aerosols and water vapor in the stagnant air. It usually occurs when warm thin air gets accumulated above a layer of colder, denser air. This layer that forms a smog is filled with a complex set of photochemical reactions. These reactions lead to the release of various harmful pollutants which, when exposed to more sunlight, have the tendency to duplicate and break down faster into more harmful chemical substances.

What causes smog? You would be surprised to know that a lot of our day-to-day activities and the commodities we use release harmful chemicals that can lead to this phenomenon. The leading causes include automobile exhausts, smoke and exhaust from factories, paints, hairspray, fuel, solvents, plastic packaging, gases released from air conditioners, etc. Urban cities are more susceptible to this effect due to dense population and high usage of automobiles and industrial machines.

As famously quoted, “Prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, preventing harmful health conditions resulting from smog will enable you to lead a healthy life, especially now, where you don’t want to wake up to a blanket of smog covering your street in the morning. Here are some quick ways to protect yourself from it:

1) Stay hydrated: Intake of water and other healthy juices will help in cleansing your body and blood of harmful pollutants.

2) Exercise indoors: Choose to exercise indoors or within your own lawn to avoid the harmful blanket of smog early in the morning.

3) Avoid use of gas-powered engines, oil-based paints: The chemicals released by gas-powered engines and oil based paints lower the quality of air around you. You wouldn’t want the already polluted air to further degrade, would you?

4) Cover your nose: It is beneficial if you cover your nose area with a cloth or a filter when stepping out of your house. This will help in clearing up some of the polluted air you breathe every day.

5) Avoid major traffic routes: The more cars and automobiles on the road, the more the harmful pollutants in the air. Avoiding such routes will help you protect yourself from these chemicals.

Finally, we hope that you’re staying warm and protecting yourself from the cold! However, if you do notice any change or issue with your health, do not neglect it and visit us for a quick check-up!

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