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Quick And Effective Home Remedies For The Menstrual Cycle

Quick And Effective Home Remedies For The Menstrual Cycle

Every woman has that time of the month where she has mood swings, irritability, bloating, tender breasts.. and she immediately knows it’s the time of her menstrual cycle!


A lot of women suffer from severe menstrual cramps and back pain. Menstruation is a natural process in every woman, but menstrual cramps can be annoying.

However, they are not usually a cause of concern but can affect our day-to-day activities. Cramps are caused by contractions in the uterus, when it contracts to remove the inner lining. The contraction can cause severe pain in 8 out of 10 women. Cramps cause pain in the lower abdomen and sometimes in the inner thighs and lower back. Some women have cramps before or during the first 2 days or even after the cycle which is quite normal.

When the pain gets unbearable most women pop a pill which reduces the pain but sometimes these are not safe. Surprisingly, there are amazing home remedies which are effective and can make the pain manageable.

10 effective home remedies to reduce the pain:

  1. Heat is the most effective remedy which is relaxing also. Place a heating pad or a warm cloth on the lower abdomen. It not only reduces the cramps but also relaxes the contractions in the uterus. A hot shower may also help reduce the pain.
  1. Drink a hot glass of milk with breakfast as calcium helps reduce the pain.
  1. Apply essential oil or balm on your lower abdomen and sleep facing the ground; it helps a lot.
  1. Drink tea and add cinnamon or drink green tea, but avoid coffee.
  1. Eat a lot of papaya when you know your menstrual date is near; eating papaya helps eases the flow and reduces the cramps.
  1. Carrots are not only good for the eyes they help for cramps too. A big glass of carrot juice can do wonders.
  1. Avoid the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.
  1. Exercise! This may sound weird but do stretch your body. Keep it light.
  1. A piece of ginger is also effective. Add a small piece of ginger to boiling water and drink it at least 3 times a day during your cycle.
  1. Flax seeds are also helpful; they can be added in milk and salad.

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