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The Winds Are Changing – Health For Women Empowerment

The Winds Are Changing - Health For Women Empowerment

The wind was blowing gently gathering her hair with it. She dipped her foot in the cool running water beneath, taking in the fresh air after a long day of hard work. She didn’t want to go home. She just wanted to sit there by the river bank and play with the water, feel free. For if she went home, she knew what awaited her – an unpleasant alcoholic father and a mother as helpless as the child herself. Ragini, the girl, was just thirteen years old and the sole source of income for the poor family. The drunken father cared about nothing but his alcohol. The mother got beaten by her husband almost every day. The only mistake Ragini and her mother ever committed were… the former was born as a girl child and the latter gave birth to a girl child.

This is just one Ragini amidst a million others waiting to break free and fly. If you’re reading this post, then how fortunate you are to have the privilege of education and the liberty to make your decisions? How beautiful it would be if girls across the country had the same right? Change begins from within and we need to stand against the patriarchal norms limiting the spirit of women and girls. These are birds which can’t be caged.

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Consider this blog as a shout out to you, an empowered woman, to contribute and continue to be the empowered Goddess that you are. Rise above and radiate your intellect for those in need. Start small, even if it means teaching a thing or two to your maid, it is a beginning. We have many stories amongst our staff of how they have triggered a change in those with hitherto conventional mindsets and practices.

While doing your bit, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Look at you – hustling and bustling, multi-tasking to achieve what you want. Your mind is racing, but your body needs the care. For you to take care of people around you and to bring a change, you need to be a constant power booster. And, it won’t be easy; women’s wellness is one of the biggest challenges and if it is ignored, my dear, you won’t be able to finish this race.

Incorporating simple yet effective tweaks to your current lifestyle can help you lead a healthy life. Here are some quick hacks you can incorporate to boost your metabolism:

  • Fiber: Women need fiber to keep them going. Your body finds it hard to cope with all the hormonal changes and stress. Intake of fibre can increase your metabolic activity.
  • Calcium supplements: The calcium levels in most women are relatively lower than in men. Drinking milk and taking the right amount of calcium supplements will help.
  • Multivitamins: With pasteurised food products, pollution and genetically tampered food, it’s hard to figure out if what you’re eating is healthy and if it is packed with the right amount of vitamins or not. Hence, multi-vitamin tablets will help in building resistance.
  • Iron: Another common imbalance that most women suffer from is low levels of iron. And, with the menstrual routine, your body needs more iron than you know. Low iron leads to low levels of hemoglobin which, in turn, results in anemia.
  • Vitamin E and D: Vitamin E & D are also observed to be low in most women. If ignored, this can lead to critical health conditions like cancer or Alzheimer’s. Hence, taking a supplement for these vitamins will keep you going.
  • Yoga or exercise: Anything you do will be of little use if your body doesn’t have a chance to burn the harmful calories. Hence, half an hour or yoga or productive exercise will help.

Last, but the most important of all… Practicing and Preaching. Practicing is half the battle won. Preaching and helping people around you to lead a healthy life completes the circle. ‘Educate a man, you educate an individual. Educate a woman, you educate a whole generation’, this statement holds true in every way. Stand with us and lead a whole generation to a new perception and uplifting dreams!

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