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Why are Health Check-ups Important?

Why are Health Check-ups Important?

Many of us undermine the need for a routine Health Check-up as we believe that no action is required until one is diagnosed with a particular disease. But this is a wrong notion. Health Check-ups are important for several reasons as they help us identify potential problems and early stage of diseases, well in advance. In a number of cases (especially in critically illnesses like cancer), an early diagnosis can help prevent or manage the disease and improve the patient’s life span. According to, the survival rate for stage 1 cancer is 100% and stage 2 cancer is 93%. This proves that early diagnosis is extremely important.

Health Check-up Packages


Health Check-up Packages

Health Check-ups also help one understand one’s mind and body better. Stress related problems and anxiety are on a rise. Due to high pollution levels and food contamination, viral infections are also on the rise. A simple Master Health Check-up or Executive Health Check-up can help determine if your body is prone to any diseases. A Master Health Check-up includes the following tests:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • BP
  • BMI
  • Complete Blood Count
  • ESR
  • Blood Sugar Fasting & Post Lunch
  • Serum Electrolytes (NA, K, CL)
  • 2D Echo
  • Blood Grouping & RH Typing
  • Urine Study
  • Lipid Profile
  • ECG
  • X-ray Each Film
  • LFT(Total)
  • Serum Creatinine
  • TSH
  • Ultrasound Whole Abdomen
  • Blood Urea
  • Positive Well Being counselling
  • Dental Consultation
  • Dietician Consultation
  • Doctor Consultation

Kidney Health Check-up Packages

Liver Health Check-up Packages

Many people argue that Health Check-ups are an expensive affair. But they fail to realize that investing in Health Check-Up Packages is a smart way to save on major surgeries that might be required if a disease is left undiagnosed. CARE Outpatient Centre also offers packages that focus on individual organs for an in-depth diagnosis. For more information on health check-ups, visit: Health Check-up Packages at CARE

Senior Citizen Health Check-up Packages

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  1. Rashid Malik 26 September, 2017 at 12:53 Reply

    yes!! for better prevention from serious health problem everyone must go for master health checkup it helps you to avoid serious health problems & high medical bills in future. Because, it covers all the essential test for every part of the body.

  2. Health care & checkup 29 December, 2017 at 18:00 Reply

    Yes !!
    Everyone should do regularly checkup i.e preventive health checkup that helps to detect and diagnose diseases at an early stage. such early detection of any non-communicable diseases can help you and your doctor proper action on perfect time also get a cure in less time. It motivated us to take preventive actions according to our health status and help to live long healthy life & avoid high medical bills.

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