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Witnessed A Road Accident?

Witnessed A Road Accident?

With roads being as crowded as they are in India, chances are we’ve all passed the site of a road accident at some point in life. Here are some tips to keep in mind so that you can step in and help the victim(s) should you ever witness an accident again.

Witnessed A Road Accident?

Park your own vehicle in a safe spot before rushing to help the injured party. Make sure you’re not blocking the road for other vehicles, especially since you might need to call an ambulance if the situation is very serious.


If possible, try and make a mental note or even a real note of the licence plate of the defaulter. It may come in useful if insurance and/or law enforcement need to get involved in the situation.

Approach the victims and try to help them. Check for any major injuries, check if the victim is unconscious, and if not check if they’re having any trouble breathing, seeing or speaking. If any of these danger signs become obvious to you at this point, rush them to the ER of the nearest super specialty hospital, or dial 1800 1088 108 to call an ambulance. If the person is conscious and capable of swallowing/drinking water, give them some water to sip until more help arrives.


In the meantime, if you are (or someone in the vicinity is) trained in CPR, you may try to revive the victim. If you notice any bleeding, take necessary first aid steps to stop/reduce blood loss.

Another thing to watch out for, is shock. Even if a person is not physically harmed in an accident, the trauma of having such a brush with disaster can send them into shock, causing them to feel cold and start shivering. Help them keep warm by wrapping them in jacket or blanket if possible.

If the person is unconscious, try unlocking their phone and contacting their family/friends.

Accidents are unexpected by definition. Presence of mind can mean the difference between life and death.

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Stay alert.
Take CARE.

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