“It is only because of Dr Soma Raju that I am alive” – Patient Testimonial

Ms P Bharathi recently underwent treatment for a heart condition at CARE Hospitals. Her brother spoke of their experience with us in the video above. On a review visit later, an emotionally overwhelmed Bharathi spoke about her journey –

“I used to get fever very often and had my check-ups at Bhadrachalam. The doctor there asked me to undergo a few tests and an X-ray. I also had pain on the left side of my chest. Since I was feeding my son I thought that the pain was due to that. The doctor told me that I was anemic and prescribed a few medicines.

After a few days I had some swelling on my feet and my face turned pale. The doctors asked me to undergo an X-ray again and found there was fluid around the heart. They referred me to Dr Gopinath at Spandana Hospitals in Khammam district. Dr Gopinath examined my reports and further referred me to Dr Soma Raju. After reaching here (Hyderabad) Dr Soma Raju treated me and now I am completely fine like before. Dr Soma Raju has helped me a lot. We did not have enough money to return home. He even gave us Rs 5000 for our expenses. It is only because of him that I am alive today. He is like God to us. We were not willing to come here because we were afraid of the expenses. But Dr Gopinath counselled us and asked us to come here. We are really blessed.”

  • Ms P Bharathi

CARE Hospitals Patient Testimonial

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