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“Ms. Padmaja’s Gentle Talk and Manners Inspired Me, Now Yoga is A Must for Me”- Patient Testimonial

"Ms. Padmaja's Gentle Talk and Manners Inspired Me, Now Yoga is A Must for Me"- Patient Testimonial

I retired from the medical profession about 5 years ago. I was mostly at home, taking care of simple household work and reading. I developed knee pains and hypertension for which I was under medications. About 8 months back I developed severe headaches, palpitations and was found to have very high blood pressure. I consulted Dr Raghava Raju, Cardiologist at CARE Hospitals. He started treating me with drugs and regular check-ups. The response was slow and I had sudden fluctuations in blood pressure and restlessness. He advised me to attend yoga therapy along with medication and, upon his advice, I met Mrs Padmaja, the yoga therapist. She, with her gentle talk and manners inspired me, taught me how to perform various yoga practices. Keeping in view my age and physical condition, she made me do exercises which can be done without much difficulty.

Within 15-20 days my BP was well under control and was indeed stable. I started sleeping well, feeling good both mentally and physically. I developed a good rapport and friendship with the teacher and fellow participants. We all are of the same age and feel like a family. I am attending classes for the last 4 months and intend to do so for a long time. I advise my friends and relatives to practice yoga. Being a doctor I realized that in addition to medication, yoga practice helps in treatment of diseases.

Dr B Vijayalakshmi

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