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Rare High Risk Renal Transplant by CARE Hospitals, Hi-tech City

Rare High Risk Renal Transplant by CARE Hospitals, Hitech City

Hyderabad 11th June 2018: It’s not every day that you come across someone like 30 year old Mr. Naveen Kakarla, whose unique medical history has broken all previous assumptions about organ transplant.

Rare High Risk Renal Transplant by CARE Hospitals, Hitech City

Mr. Naveen Kakarla had undergone a kidney transplant six years ago in 2012, which unfortunately failed four years later, due to rejection and was undergoing dialysis since then. He expressed his desire to undergo a second renal transplant and be free of dialysis which was affecting his personal and professional life.

This was a very challenging case for the doctors as it was the patient’s second kidney transplant which is always more complicated and difficult as compared to a first kidney transplant.

Doctors at CARE Hospitals decided to take on this complicated and challenging case after discussing all the risks with the patient and his family.

Second kidney transplant is not very common in India, for multiple reasons like lack of kidney donors, high cost and inferior results as compared to first transplant.

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Dr.Ankit Mody Chief Consultant Nephrologist and transplant physician, said,“It is not easy to perform second transplant since the existing graft can’t be removed and additional cavity has to be created to place the new organ. Also, maintaining immunosuppression used to prevent rejection for these patients is challenging as they are already exposed to previous kidney transplants and are at very high risk of rejection. Immunosupression in these patients has to be critically balanced for a good graft function vs the risk for infection.”

Mr. Naveen Kakarla was 24 years old when he underwent his first kidney transplant, with his mother donating her kidney. Unfortunately, there were no more matching donors in the family for transplant, so he was registered for cadaver transplantation under the Jeevandan scheme in 2017.

He was fortunate enough to get a second chance, as a donor kidney became available through the Jeevandaan scheme on 27 April, 2018.

“Doing second kidney transplant is challenging surgically because there is not enough space for the new kidney and vascular and ureteric anastomosis is not technically easy.” Says Dr. K. Prasad Raju, our experienced senior urologist and transplant surgeon, who with his team of expert surgeons, performed the kidney transplant with perfection without any major complications.

The patient was kept under close observation in the Transplant ICU with doctors constantly monitoring his condition, after the surgery. Mr. Kakarla did develop some complications, but they were managed effectively by the Transplant Team. His body gradually accepted the kidney, and he is now free from dialysis with very good graft function.

Kidney transplant is currently the best treatment option for patients on dialysis, especially young patients like Mr. Naveen Kakarla. It increases the chance of survival, improves quality of life, and is cost effective compared to dialysis. Moreover, losing a transplanted kidney is associated with depression and psychological stress. This case gives a ray of hope to those patients who have had a kidney transplant which has failed.

As the only authorised hospital in the Cyberabad region of Hyderabad to perform Kidney transplants, CARE Hospitals, Hitech city and the Kidney Transplant Team will strive to work hard and provide transplant services to the residents of Cyberabad area with the best outcomes comparable to international standards.

Thanking you.

For More Information:

Dr.Ankit Mody

Sr.Consultant Nephrologist and Renal Transplant Physician

CARE Hospitals Hitech City

Phone: 7715905497, email:

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