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She Is A Miracle Child! The Story Of Little Kurimila Jessi

She Is A Miracle Child! The Story Of Little Kurimila Jessi

Little Kurimila Jessi, a 17 month old baby, had learned to take her first steps just a few months earlier, when she was run over by a school bus on 17th September 2015, while playing outside her hut on a street in Warangal.

Kurimila suffered massive life-threatening injuries and had little hope of survival. Her parents couldn’t afford the huge expense of the multiple surgeries she would need. Even if she lived, her chances of being able to walk again were negligible.

Not giving up hope, her distraught parents rushed her to a nearby hospital where she was given first aid. They brought her to Hyderabad in search of advanced medical care.

But every hospital they approached (almost 10) refused to treat the little girl… The case was simply too challenging, the risk of mortality too high and the family clearly could not afford the high costs of treatment.

When they came to CARE Banjara, astonishingly, the little fighter was conscious and coherent. Her right lower limb was crushed and she had extensive pelvic injuries (open book fracture of the pelvic bones). There was also severe loss of tissue near her vagina and anus. She had to be operated upon immediately and would require the expertise of doctors from several specialties. She faced the possibility of an above knee amputation or even death.

Injury Surgery

Initially, Dr PC Gupta, along with the Anesthesia team and ER physicians stabilised and managed the child. Subsequently, Dr K Rama Raju, Urologist, Dr MA Saleem, General Surgeon and Dr Praveen Mereddy, Orthopedic Surgeon operated on her. The child’s vaginal walls – anterior and posterior – were torn, exposing the bladder, anal sphincter and the rectum. Doctors needed to repair the area and prevent it from becoming infected. The vaginal layers were sutured by Dr Rama Raju and Dr MA Saleem to reconstruct the genitalia. To enable the tissues to stay together without any disruption, Dr Mereddy repaired the unstable pelvic bone and the other fractures. Dr Rama Raju performed a delicate vesicostomy, wherein the child’s urinary passage was temporarily diverted to enable the genital injuries to heal.

Crush Injury

The nursing team cared for Kurimila like their own child with regular administration of IV antibiotics, analgesics and fluids. Consultants monitored her round-the-clock. Post-operatively, she required the expertise of Dr Venkatesh Babu, Plastic Surgeon and his team. Against all odds, Kurimila survived with no need for an amputation. “Statistics show that in severe injury cases among children, it’s the girls who fight harder and show better recovery, as compared to the boys,” says Dr Praveen Mereddy.

“She is a miracle child!” said Dr Rama Raju. Two months later, she took her first steps again. It was a triumph of the spirit of the little girl, along with the amazing skills of all the consultants, who gave her a new lease of life. Waiving aside operating fees and costs, the CARE management shared the parents’ excitement at the miracle of a child who can walk today, despite being run over by a bus.


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