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“The Encouragement From Ms. Padmaja Motivated Me To Practice Yoga”- Patient Testimonial

“The Encouragement From Ms. Padmaja Motivated Me To Practice Yoga”- Patient Testimonial

When I was first referred for yoga therapy by my doctor, I was apprehensive about performing the exercises, given my age and health condition. However the yoga therapist Ms Padmaja explained to me the general benefits of yoga and the customised sessions for each individual based on his/her specific medical condition. It was also reassuring for me that the Yoga unit was part of CARE Hospital and located within the hospital premises, so I could take medical help in the event of any problem; but I never had any problems at the therapy sessions or during practice at home.

After an initial assessment, the yoga training started with simple physical movements and breathing exercises along with awareness of my breathing and meditation. Initially I had aches and pain when I stretched my legs, shoulder and back. However with the motivation, guidance and encouragement of Ms Padmaja, I continued the exercises. The asanas were taught in a graded manner commensurate with my ability and capacity.  Within a few days itself, I began to feel relief from the pains, not only while doing yoga but throughout the day. I regained a considerable amount of flexibility in my joints.

Another progress was in my breathing. On the first day, I had to take two deep breaths to raise one hand above my head. Now, with one breath, I am able to perform complex movements. I am able to perform many day to day tasks by synchronising the breathing awareness with the physical movements.  I also notice improvement in my balance during some postures.

The gradual progress from simple to complex Yoga asanas has improved my self-confidence and endurance to take up the challenge of doing more. It was very inspiring to watch the active participation and involvement of my new friends at Yoga, some of whom are senior to me in age. The ambience, social learning, clear instructions and personalised training by Ms Padmaja also contributed considerably to my developing a sustained interest in yoga. I enjoy practising yoga at home too.

The combination of the medical treatment by my doctors and the yoga therapy is providing me a sense of well-being and peace of mind.
Ms Anuradha J

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