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Time for A Change in Public Hygiene? Yes, We Think ...

With so much happening in a hospital, one wonders if there’s ever a time for a quick break to get some fresh air. We do get some time for a general break though, but those breaks are filled with debates ...
Think Tank

Thalassemia Prevention is A Necessity Not A Choice

  Thalassemia is a disorder that results in abnormal formation of hemoglobin. This leads to improper transport of oxygen and a decline in the number of red blood cells. Though the main cause of thalassemia is not yet known, it ...
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Happy Mother’s Day

All of us share a very unique and special bond with our mothers that can never be broken or replaced. They brought us into this world and gifted us this life. They love us unconditionally; they guide us, support us, ...
Think Tank

Towards a Better Understanding of Autism

Every year, on the 2nd of April, various organizations across the world come together to observe a day dedicated to one of the most ignored, and poorly understood, mental conditions of our time – autism. According to a survey by ...
Think Tank

TB Still Tops the List of World’s Deadliest Diseases

Tuberculosis is a huge deal in India. And it’s time we spread more awareness about this disease. Ten years ago, every teacher in school would be heard declaring that tuberculosis (TB) would be as insignificant as measles or chicken pox ...
Health Tips

BEWARE: Summer is Here, Again!

With summer just around the corner, we can feel the heat waves warming up day by day. With the rising temperature we might just witness another heat wave this year. The National Crime Records Bureau has stated that there was ...
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