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A Beating Heart & A Ticking Clock – The Story ...

Every single day, doctors face situations where they are required to make decisions that impact the life and death of people. Let us tell you about one such situation that Dr. Swaroop Bharadi was confronted with. Mr. B migrated to ...
Patient Stories

Rare High Risk Renal Transplant by CARE Hospitals, Hi-tech City

Hyderabad 11th June 2018: It’s not every day that you come across someone like 30 year old Mr. Naveen Kakarla, whose unique medical history has broken all previous assumptions about organ transplant. Mr. Naveen Kakarla had undergone a kidney transplant six ...
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Ramadan Mubarak – Tips For Fasting During The Holy Month

Ramadan is the festival when Muslims all over the world observe fast (roza). Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. As part of this fast, apart from avoiding food and water, one is expected to stay away from ...

Her Care We Care – Women’s Day 2018

Patient Stories

Every Minute, Every Second Counts To Save a Life!

“I am happy and grateful to the entire team of CARE: Dr Jaisimha, Dr Swaroop, other doctors and all the staff. I am satisfied with the kind of service the hospital provided. I had come for a regular consultation and ...
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Everything You Need To Know About Vascular Disease

The first step to understanding vascular disease is understanding the vascular system. The Vascular System The vascular system is a network of blood vessels that circulates blood to and from the heart and lungs and to various parts of the ...
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