Tag: how to reduce cholesterol

Health Tips

Changing Parameters of Cholesterol

Have you ever wondered why doctors, before giving a diagnosis, often ask for two blood samples – one while you’re fasting and the other after you’ve eaten something? In most cases, these samples are used to check your cholesterol levels, ...
Think Tank

Good Cholesterol versus Bad Cholesterol

The term “cholesterol” is used a lot in food advertisements. Then there is “good” and “bad” cholesterol! Doctors also mention it quite often, stressing a lot on maintaining the right cholesterol levels. So what exactly do these levels and types ...
Health Tips

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Before we begin to discuss remedies on how to lower cholesterol, let us first understand what exactly cholesterol is and why it is important for the body. Cholesterol is a natural substance found in the human body and is produced ...
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