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World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day is observed on the 21st of March  every year. Throughout the world, on behalf of people who have Down Syndrome, families and support groups organise and participate in activities and events to raise awareness among the general ...
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Be Careful About Overdosing On Antibiotics

‘We know of people who like Biology. So are antibiotics those who do not like Biology?’ In reality, antibiotics are no laughing matter. These are drugs that either kill bacteria or stop them from multiplying. (Hence the name: anti = ...
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Do You Suffer From Excessive Sweating?

Sweating is the body’s natural mechanism through which it cools itself down when the skin temperature goes up. There are many variations in how people sweat, just like there are variations in other bodily functions. In other words, how people ...
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Why You Shouldn’t Combine Certain Foods in A Meal

There are some combinations of food that do not go well together. Today, we tend to ignore some of the time-tested traditions of what we eat and when and how. Due to this, we overlook some of the digestive problems ...

A First for Odisha – 3 Challenging Aneurysm Cases

An aneurysm is an excessive swelling in the arteries with a collection of blood. When an aneurysm bursts, it results in loss of blood. Sometimes the location of the aneurysm, namely that of the brain is life threatening. CARE Bhubaneswar ...

All You Need To Know About Hypothyroidism Part 1

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