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20 Surprising Day-to-Day Uses of Vaseline

20 Surprising Day-to-Day Uses of Vaseline

Did you know?

Vaseline petroleum jelly is made up of natural mineral oils and waxes. It was discovered by Robert Chesebrough, a chemist in 1859. In those early days, it was known as wonder jelly and later named as Vaseline, derived from German wasser (water) + Greek έλαιον (oil).


Have you ever thought about the many different ways you can use Vaseline in our day-to-day lives? You will be surprised after reading this. Here are some of the unique ways of using Vaseline:

  1.  Dab some Vaseline on your wrist and the sides of your neck before you spray a perfume — it will last for the entire day.
  2. Before going to bed apply Vaseline on your feet and wear socks. The next morning you will wake up with soft feet.
  3. If your favorite body lotion is getting over add some Vaseline to prolong its life.
  4. Is your ring tight and too hard to remove? Vaseline can help remove it.
  5. Tired of the squeaky noise from the hinges on the doors? Vaseline keeps them quiet.
  6. Vaseline can make leather shoes shine like new again.
  7. Apply Vaseline on your forehead before coloring your hair; it helps remove the stains easily.
  8. Apply a layer of Vaseline on your pet’s food bowl; it will keep the ants away.
  9. After shaving apply Vaseline to avoid rash and burns.
  10. Use it for immediate relief from sun burn.
  11. Use Vaseline to insert your earrings, it is not painful and the earring goes in smoothly.
  12. Vaseline will lighten the make-up stains on your clothes.
  13. Warm some Vaseline and apply on the shoulders to relax your shoulder muscles.
  14. It prevents metals from rusting.
  15. It soothes nappy rash.
  16. Put it on the cricket ball (if you are batting J).
  17. Rub it on the teeth to make them shine.
  18. It makes your beard easier to style.
  19. It prevents chewing gum from sticking to the bottom of the dustbin.
  20. It makes your head shine if you are bald.


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