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3 Things You Must Know About World Earth Day!

3 Things You Must Know About World Earth Day!


World Earth Day

Every year, April 22nd is observed as World Earth Day as part of an effort to raise awareness about global issues and find solutions. Here are three things you must know about World Earth Day in order to contribute to the planet you live in:

What is World Earth Day?

Established in 1970, World Earth Day is a movement that highlights emerging issues affecting the global environment. Issues like pollution, global warming, climate change, energy consumption, etc. need immediate action, which is only possible when the world unites and acts together. This is what this campaign is all about. The World Earth Day 2016 aims to plant 7.8 billion trees for our planet and make cities 100% renewable.

Why should I participate?

To make a difference! Each one of us has complained at least once about the rising heat and pollution in our city. Many species of wildlife are going extinct, there is water shortage everywhere and our cities have been transformed into a corporate jungle. We can’t even witness the sunset or the moon rising until we step out of the city. These are signs that it’s high time for us to take action. Stop complaining and act now. Share, engage and spread awareness.

How can I participate?

There are many ways you can be part of World Earth Day. Sign up for a local campaign, plant a tree near your house or simply make a donation. Even sharing this post on social media can help! For more information, please visit –

“What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?” – Henry David Thoreau

This quote perfectly summarizes why we should all contribute to this movement and give our mother earth its due. So don’t shy away from observing World Earth Day.

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