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5 Myths About Dialysis Busted

5 Myths About Dialysis Busted

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Did your doctor recently recommend a dialysis procedure for you? Don’t worry. Dialysis is not as scary as it seems to be.

There are many myths surrounding this procedure that make it seem intimidating. If understood properly, dialysis is nothing more than a simple routine procedure that you can easily deal with.

Here are five common myths everybody associates with dialysis and the reality behind it:

  1. Dialysis is painful – apart from a little discomfort because of the needles inserted into your body, dialysis is hardly painful. It is an almost painless treatment. As long as you follow the recommended diet and fluid restrictions, you are safe. If you don’t follow the recommendations, you might experience mild symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headaches, etc. So ensure a good diet.
  2. Dialysis is just a step away from death – dialysis actually gives you life. It helps you live an improved life and feel better.
  3. Dialysis patients can’t travel – with the growing awareness of this problem and more dialysis centres coming up everywhere, you don’t have to worry about travelling. You can pre-book appointments at any centre in the city to which you are traveling.
  4. Dialysis patients have to give up their job – absolutely not! Once you get used to the procedure, it is as simple as your daily morning walk. You can go back to your work immediately after dialysis.
  5. Dialysis patients lose their independence – you don’t have to depend on your family or friends for help. You can drive yourself to any dialysis centre, finish the procedure and go about your regular lifestyle just like any other day.

We hope that the above points will help you understand dialysis better. If you or anybody you know has to undergo dialysis, share this article with them and give them hope for a better future.

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