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A Heart to Heart Conversation: 3 Tips for a Healthier Heart

A Heart to Heart Conversation: 3 Tips for a Healthier Heart

Is your heart just any other organ in your body that pumps blood and helps your body function properly? Or is it more than just a physical organ?

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In popular culture, the heart is perceived to be the centre of all emotions and feelings. It is the heart that makes us fall in love, makes us cry and it breaks too! But in our medical world, the heart is a physical organ that pumps blood and helps the circulation inside the body. And it also develops various problems for which healthcare experts offer procedures and surgeries like angioplasty, pacemaker implantation, bypass, heart transplants, etc.

So what exactly is the human heart? A popular quote says, “Sometimes the heart knows things the brain could never explain”. Probably, the heart is a combination of both physical and metaphysical elements. While it beats, it also feels and understands. Hence, it is more important to not just take care of your heart physically but also emotionally.

  • Have a conversation with your heart. When was the last time you had an open-ended conversation with your heart? Today, after reading this blog post, sit down and have a straight conversation with yourself. Tell your heart how much you value it for what it does. Tell it how you appreciate the fact that it beats relentlessly. It never stops! Recognize every moment that it broke for you and yet continued to function. And, after you do that, hear closely for its acknowledgment.
  • Love yourself. Thanks to cinema and television, our minds have been corrupted to think that we need other people to love us. But the fact is that you need to love yourself first. Show some love to your heart and let it feel some positive vibes. Your heart doesn’t need another heart to realize how loveable and important it is.
  • Exercise! It’s not just your body that needs a workout. Your brain and your heart need one too. Apart from the regular cardio at the gym, practice an exclusive exercise for your heart every day. You could start off with deep breathing or some meditation.

Treat your heart as more than just a physical organ that pumps blood. Your heart is you. Recognize and acknowledge that.

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