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Bariatric Surgery Benefits & Risks

Bariatric Surgery Benefits & Risks

Bariatric Surgery Benefits Risks

Bariatric surgery is the new trend among people seeking to lose weight. While there are many people who have successfully undergone the surgery and are reaping its benefits, there are quite a few who are overwhelmed by apprehensions. Is the surgery safe? What could be the long term effects? Is it harmful?

Here’s answering all such queries and helping you understand bariatric surgery better!

Firstly, let’s take a look at the advantages of the surgery:

  1. Average loss of 60-75% – The long-term weight loss through the surgery can average to almost 60 to 75 percent of your excess body weight, which is remarkable.
  2. It’s reliable – Unlike other weight loss programs, there are no bogus promises here! The results are 100% visible and guaranteed.
  3. Long-term health benefits – Reducing weight can immediately boost your health and prevent a number of other problems like stress, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis, etc.
  4. No hospitalization – You don’t have to get admitted to the hospital for a long duration to undergo the surgery. A 2-3 day stay can take care of everything. You can go back home smiling and much more energetic.
  5. Insurance – A lot of insurance companies are warming up to this new procedure and offering exclusive services for bariatric surgery. Consult your insurance agent immediately to find out if he can help you.

Now, to address some your concerns:

  1. What are the risks of the surgery? Every surgery has its own set of risks. The patient undergoing the surgery has to make sure he/she is aware of the risks and be prepared to deal with them. Some of the risks involved with bariatric surgery can include:
    1. Malnutrition – When your body loses a lot of weight suddenly, it will also lose a lot of nutrients. Hence, there are chances that you will feel weak and undernourished. Ensuring a good diet and regular vitamin supplements can help you feel better.
    2. Pregnancy – If you’re planning to get pregnant, then bariatric surgery is a big NO for you. The surgery can affect your ability to deliver a healthy baby and complicate the process.
    3. Excess skin – While your body will lose a lot of muscle, your skin will be at a loss as this surgery only eliminates your body fat internally. If you can plan how to deal with the excess skin and hide it effectively, you can easily overcome this risk.
    4. Other risks – On an average, 1 in 20 people have the risk of developing other problems like bleeding, gallstones, food intolerances, minor infections, etc. But as technology and modern techniques keep evolving, these risks are becoming fewer. It is advised to have a thorough discussion with your surgeon before undertaking the procedure.
  2. Will I gain weight again? No! As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and a regular fitness regime, you can stay away from fat forever.
  3. Will I die? The chances of death post weight-loss surgeries are very rare. About 1 in a 1000 individuals can face a risk of death, but only if they have other complications like age (above 45), high blood pressure, previous history of heart problems, etc. As long as you are young and undergoing the surgery with the sole objective of shedding excess fat, you are safe.

If you are still confused and want more information about Bariatric Surgery, we suggest you get in touch with someone who has already undergone the treatment and a reputed surgeon and talk to them. First-hand information is always reliable and helpful.


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