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Donate Blood! It’s Great For You Too.

Donate Blood! It’s Great For You Too.

Every little thing that you donate makes a big difference to someone, whether it’s money, clothing or feeding the poor. While all donations and the thought behind them are precious, there’s nothing that can be compared to donating blood. Though science has advanced enormously and the medical industry has grown so huge, there’s still no factory that can manufacture blood. It’s only you and I who have the capability to give blood and save lives. This is the only way someone who is in desperate need of blood can be saved.

Don’t just live through others — let others live through you.

Blood Donors Day

While donating blood is just an act of helping someone in need, there are a few benefits for you too. Here are a few benefits of being a blood donor:

Reduces the risk of heart disease — Donating blood is good for your heart as it reduces the amount of iron in your body and decreases the risk of any heart problems. According to one study, 88% of blood donors have reduced risks of heart disease. This is because the level of iron in the body reduces when someone donates blood.

Reduces the risk of cancer Donating blood has also proved to reduce the risk of cancer. Donating blood on a regular basis lowers the risk of cancers of the lung, liver, stomach, throat and a few other types. So, wouldn’t you want to reduce the risk of cancer by donating blood?

Free health check-up When you decide to donate blood, you get a free health check-up. You are also given a report about your blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels, which are the two main requisites for good health.

Helps you burn calories It’s been observed that one time blood donation can help you burn 650 kilocalories; this can be one of the ways to control your body weight. However, blood can only be donated once in 2-3 months and not more. This also depends on your overall health conditions.

A source of joy Now that you know that there are multiple benefits of donating blood, the most significant benefit is the humanitarian aspect of it. Blood donation is a way of giving life to someone who needs it desperately. So donating blood can be a source of joy and positivity for yourself.

Life is precious. Be a life-saver. Give blood!


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