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Don’t Let Noise Pollution Bother You

Don’t Let Noise Pollution Bother You

Back in school, we were taught that there are four types of pollution – air, water, land and noise. While the first three were quite tangible, we always ignored noise pollution assuming it was always the bare minimum. Fast forward to 2016, noise pollution is so high that we often wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a loud honking horn, a screeching bike or a flight taking off. Things get worse if it is the festive season and there is a procession going by.

Noise Pollution Prevention

But is noise pollution as harmful as the others? The answer is a definite YES. The long term effects of noise pollution could lead to:

Apart from these, studies have linked traffic noise to hyperactivity disorders in children. (Source). With so many risks involved, it is very important to keep yourself safe from noise pollution and also reduce the amount of noise you generate.

Here are a few tips you can follow to not let noise bother you:

Sound-proofing: Use carpets or acoustic foam panels in your house to cut down external noise. To reduce internal noise, keep noisy machines away from your bedroom. Choose air-conditioners that make less noise. Thick curtains also absorb sound.

Go to noise-free places: Churches, parks, libraries are all excellent spots of silence. Visit these places often to experience some calm. Meditating occasionally also helps.

Use earplugs: This is an easy and quick option. You can find earplugs at any pharmacy store. But be aware that using earplugs for too long can cause bacteria in your ears.

Don’t honk too much: While it’s important to save yourself from noise, it is even more important to make lesser noise. If you are driving, use your horn sparingly. Don’t honk unnecessarily. Also check your silencers and get them serviced often.

Avoid loud music: Playing very loud music or encouraging others to play loud music should be avoided. If you still want to play loud music, ensure your acoustics prevent the noise from flowing outside your boundaries.

If none of the above work and you are still bothered by noise, consider moving to a less noisy area. Do not buy or rent an apartment near heavy traffic zones. Practise staying calm and ensure your family appreciates silence.

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