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Indoor Gardening can be Therapeutic

Indoor Gardening can be Therapeutic

Did you know that having house plants can be healing? Not only does indoor gardening beautify your home and workplace, it also helps you feel better.

Indoor Gardening

Firstly, the process of gardening keeps you motivated. Seeing your plants grow can make you feel happy. It also inculcates a sense of discipline in your schedule when you take time out on a regular basis to tend to them. It sharpens your focus and can help you overcome depression or negative feelings.

Secondly, the air around you is fresher and healthier. Needless to say, having plants around can help improve the quality of air around you. You get to breathe fresh oxygen. Plants also humidify the surrounding space, which can be a concern during the hot months, but otherwise it’s good as they help avoid harmful bacteria and infection causing germs.

Thirdly, your overall health is boosted. According to some researchers at the Kansas State University, hospital patients in rooms with plants heal quicker, require less medication and have lower heart rates than patients in rooms without plants. (Source)

Lastly, you lead a productive life. No kidding, plants have proven to lower anxiety levels and improve memory and concentration levels. Having a few ornamental plants at the workplace can boost the quality of your work. (Source)

So what are you waiting for? Beautify your home/workplace and improve your health. Here is an article that can help you choose the right kind of house plant for your space.

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