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Is Delaying Babies A Good Choice For My Career?

Is Delaying Babies A Good Choice For My Career?

Delaying Babies For Career

Late motherhood – is it good or bad? Is it selfish and wrong? Is it unethical? Is it healthy or not?

Well, delaying babies is purely a personal choice and it solely depends on the mother and her husband/partner to decide what’s good for them.

But late motherhood has its own benefits and risks. Since it is a life-changing decision, it is recommended that one consider both the advantages and disadvantages thoroughly –

The pluses:

  1. Establish yourself in life: A mother who is well established in life and has a good career can create a very positive impact on her children. Not only will she be confident of herself but also independent and emotionally strong. Hence, it is good for a mother to be well established in her career.
  2. Financially secure: Raising kids is no easy job. It is very demanding in terms of time, emotions and finances. For a lot of middle class families, where both the parents are earning, this can be a big boost for the children. With the endless demands of parenthood and the ever-escalating fees of schools, a well-to-do mother is definitely a plus.
  3. Managing maternity leave: For a woman who has served for a few years in a good organisation, it is easier to take maternity leave, rather than someone who has just started her career.

The minuses:

  1. Complications in conceiving: A woman’s fertility is believed to decrease from the age of 32 onwards. It further declines after the age of 37. Hence, conceiving post 30 might not be easy and comfortable for everyone.
  2. Delivery risks: Miscarriages occur more frequently in women over 35. Even problems like high blood pressure, post-pregnancy depression, diabetes, etc. are more common during late motherhood.
  3. Low energy levels and less time: One of the biggest risks of delaying babies is that parents simply don’t have enough energy at that age to raise their kids. Also, once women (and men) are doing well in their careers, sometimes the job may be more demanding and allow for less family time.
  4. Missing grandparents: Also, often the involvement of grandparents becomes very minimal – because of their age and ill health, or even passing away. A lot of studies have proven that an incomplete family can impact a child’s health in the long run. Hence, for the all-round development of a baby, both physically and emotionally, it is important for them to have their entire family around.

Every decision in life will have its own pros and cons. So does delaying babies. Hence, think well and make the right decision for you.



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