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Is White Noise The New Solution For Insomnia?

Is White Noise The New Solution For Insomnia?

White Noise Insomnia

How many of you nod in agreement when I say I can’t sleep without my fan?! We have all been there; for some, it is an essential regimen while sleeping, come summer or winter. It’s not the coolness that the fan is generating that you’re addicted to, you are addicted to white noise!

Yes, it’s the sound that your fan makes that helps you sleep, the constant low frequency sound. For those who are wondering what “white noise” is, let us quickly walk you through it. White noise, if you’re using the technical definition, is a consistent noise that plays evenly across all audible frequencies.

Every morning when you wake up to realize that the fan has been turned off by your maid or your parent, it’s not some noisy disturbance that wakes you up per se, but the sudden change or inconsistency in that white noise that jars and awakens your sleeping mind.

That’s why, to put babies to sleep, elders often use soft lullabies or tunes or even low frequency music, which lulls them peacefully to sleep. It has also been observed that white noise has helped people suffering from insomnia and even tetanus. White noise machines and other white noise sources are even sold as sleep aids and to mask tinnitus. [Source: Wikipedia]

Here’re some benefits of white noise that you may not know about:

  • It helps you fall into a deep sleep and can be a solution for insomnia.
  • It can be used to enhance your meditation.
  • It can also be used as therapy or as a stress buster while one is under tremendous stress.
  • It is used as a cure for the dangerous tinnitus.
  • It has been observed by scientists that white noise helps children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to stimulate and increase their concentration.
  • Helps newborn babies to sleep with minimal disturbance.

Youtube is filled with playlists of white noise, but if you would like to experience the authentic version of this soothing sound, simply turn off your gadgets and step into your balcony. Listen to the rhythm of the leaves and the hymn of the birds… the slow buzz of that tiny little fly buzzing around your rose plant while the wind rustles and bustles through your hair… can you imagine how therapeutic it is?


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