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Why A Morning Routine Is A Must For Good Health & Success

Why A Morning Routine Is A Must For Good Health & Success

Morning Routine Good Health

Do you have a morning routine that you follow every day? If not, here’s why you should get one!

A morning routine is nothing but a series of activities that one can practice every morning. It includes physical as well as mental exercises. A morning routine can include a walk or yoga, stretching exercises, sports or dance, writing, solving puzzles like Sudoku, a particular diet, writing a journal and many other activities.

Now why is this routine important? Because how you start your day is how it will turn out to be. The routine sets your tone and energy for the whole day. Our will power and focus is strongest in the morning and, hence, it’s the best time to make the most of ourselves.

It’s a popular notion among Indians that when a journey begins well, it will turn out well. If something goes wrong when we set out, we end up being in a bad mood throughout. If you think of our life as a journey, then every day is a short trip. And hence, it is important that you start every day right.

Most successful people have had a definite morning routine including Steve Jobs, Margaret Thatcher, Benjamin Franklin and PG Wodehouse. A morning routine can help lower stress, depression and anxiety, says a study by the American Psychological Association. (Source) It can also boost your productivity and make you feel happier. Also, you tend to organize your time in a better way.

Morning routines have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. Exercise, yoga and a healthy breakfast can set your metabolism and keep your body healthy. (Also Read – Why You Should Never Miss Your Breakfast) When your body feels good, your mind also feels good and so does your heart. Many of our ancient scriptures have recommended yoga early in the morning for spiritual reasons.

Here’s a sample morning routine that you can start with until you evolve your own –

  • Wake up and drink a glass of lukewarm water
  • Practise stretching or do some yoga or go for a walk
  • Take a shower
  • Brush your teeth and get dressed
  • Meditate
  • Have a cup of coffee or tea
  • Read for ten minutes
  • List your daily goals & plan your day

Practise this for a few days and you will notice your life transform.

P.S: You must ensure that you wake up at the same time every day as this helps cultivate a discipline and enhances the benefits of the morning routine.



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