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Myths Vs. Facts About Essential Oils!

Myths Vs. Facts About Essential Oils!

It’s very easy to believe anything written on the internet these days, especially about herbal products and essential oils. Often you see posts on social media talking about facts surrounding essential oils, which might or might not be true.

Myths Facts Essential Oils

It is true that essential oils have healing compounds and elements to treat almost any kind of pain in your body; however, these compounds and elements can sometimes be too powerful. While the right dosage can heal your muscle and rejuvenate the affected part of your body, a wrong dosage can just flip it around!

To break some myths so that you are aware of what is useful and what might just be an overdose, here’s bringing you some myths vs facts about essential oils:

Myth #1 Authentic, unadulterated red oils don’t have an expiry date.

Fact: Except for diamonds, nothing lasts forever [True love, maybe? No. Maybe, not even true love]

Myth #2 If your skin burns or itches while using it, it’s the result of healing occurring in the affected area.

Fact: Your skin reacts immediately if it isn’t compatible to any element. This is an indication that the particular essential oil does not suit your skin.

Myth #3 A diluted form of any essential oil should be safe for children.

Fact: Unless prescribed by the doctor, some oils can be very damaging to a child’s skin.

Myth #4 Adding essential oil to your hot water while taking a bath enhances the oil’s healing qualities.

Fact: Unless you emulsify the oil with sesame oil or milk, the oil basically just floats on water making it anything but useful.

Myth #5 It is okay to ingest essential oil, since it is filled with vitamins, earth elements and compounds; it’ll only boost us if we consume it.

Fact: Not all essential oils are edible. Unless informed or stated, it can be very dangerous to take them orally.

For those who have been using essential oils regularly, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1) Avoid storing essential oils in plastic. Some elements of certain oils are so powerful that they can start eating through the plastic. This takes time, but when this happens, the pigments of the plastic container start merging with the oil making it unsafe for you to use it any more.

2) Pregnant women and children need to be very watchful and careful while using essential oils. Not every essential oil can be used for pregnant women and children; there are a few which have elements or particles of cedar wood, cinnamon, sage, clove, ginger, jasmine, lemon, nutmeg, rosemary, ginger and chamomile. So, it is advisable for pregnant women and children to avoid using oils containing these elements.

3) It’s always advisable to use diluted oil while applying on the skin. As mentioned earlier, some elements are so powerful that they start to seep through and can be a cause of pigmentation. Hence proper dilution is required before it is used on the skin.

All in all, essential oils are earth’s excellent way to heal us, nurture us. All it takes is the right dosage and intake. If you have any doubts regarding the usage or effects, reach out to us and we should be able to clarify any of your doubts!

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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