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Signs of a Concussion

A concussion can be described as injury to the brain, caused by impact or violent shaking of the head/body. A concussion can knock you out, but most of the time loss of consciousness doesn’t take place. The effects are usually short term, but it is also possible to be concussed and not even realize it until much later.

Signs of a Concussion

Some immediate signs to watch out for are:

  1. Headache or an uncomfortable pressure in the head
  2. Blacking out or temporary loss of consciousness
  3. Mental confusion or a dazed look when trying to think
  4. Amnesia with regards to the trauma or injury
  5. Dizziness or “seeing stars”
  6. Ringing in the ears
  7. Nausea/vomiting
  8. Slurred or otherwise unclear speech
  9. Difficulty understanding things/delayed response to questions
  10. Fatigue
  11. Changes in sense of smell and/or taste
  12. Increased sensitivity to light and noise

Most people recover from concussion smoothly, but you need to go straight to the ER if the victim manifests the following symptoms:

  1. Throwing up repeatedly
  2. Blacking out for 30 seconds or more
  3. An steadily worsening headache
  4. Unexpected changes in behavior, such as irritability or depressed mood
  5. Trouble with motor coordination, such as stumbling or clumsiness
  6. Confusion or disorientation, such as difficulty recognizing people or places
  7. Slurred speech or other changes in speech
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