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Social Media Addiction – Good or Bad?

Social Media Addiction - Good or Bad?

Social Media Addiction - Good or Bad?

We know that social media is addictive and chances are high that you stumbled upon this article due to a social media share 🙂 . But can regular social media use be termed an addiction? Is it just a phrase that is loosely thrown around or has social media use really become a compulsive disorder for many?

An addiction can be defined as a habit that leads to performance of actions even against one’s own will. The most common examples of addiction are smoking and alcohol consumption. However, due to modern day situations, social media addiction has also sadly become a reality that we have to deal with. The only twist in this tale is that social media addiction can actually have a few benefits. But let us look at the bad news first:

  • Spending too much time online – Most people lose track of the amount of time that is spent on various social media sites and apps.
  • Bad posture – Of course, the result of such prolonged hours of being glued to a big or small screen is bad posture, which leads to a range of health issues.
  • Neglecting real things – The world of social media is virtual. It is a world of vibrant colours on a screen which may depict reality, but is not actual reality. There are other things in life that matter like spending time with family, socialising with neighbours, colleagues, etc., which get ignored.
  • Meals are messed up – Many people have undergone the experience of either forgetting to eat or they subconsciously ingest food while browsing social media. By being distracted from reality, they fail to enjoy food. And food is an important aspect of good health.

In addition to the above, prolonged hours of social media consumption ends up programming the mind, making it highly opinionated, thereby making people judgmental.

However, that being said, social media addiction does have its advantages too:

  • You can stay connected with all the important people in your life, so you never miss out on important events and occasions.
  • You get the latest updates about things that matter, including subjects that can be of immense help in your career. For example, a job opportunity or an interview. In this fast-moving world, information is not everything. Right information at the right time is everything.
  • You can be notified promptly of emergencies, both good and bad, thus having the opportunity of taking action in time.
  • Life is easier for couples in long distance relationships and parents who try to stay in touch with children who live far away from them.
  • Something is always happening in someone’s life, so you can be of help to them during their troubles sometimes. By using your experience and resources, you can offer them help and advance your hobbies as well. It is a win-win situation.

So, as with all things in life, social media usage has its advantages and disadvantages. One can experience the benefits and reduce the disadvantages by cultivating a habit of balance and caution. Used wisely, the power of social media can take you places. But if social media seems to be pulling you away too far from your life, then perhaps it is time to send yourself a friend request first and check in to see what has been happening lately!

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