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Standing Desk! A New Big Healthy Practice or Just An American Fad?

Standing Desk! A New Big Healthy Practice or Just An American Fad?

If your job demands your attention in front of your system from 9 am to 5 pm then you must have already heard about the “Standing Desk” by now.

If you haven’t, let us just give you a picture of what it is. A standing desk is like any other regular desk, except that it is positioned to conveniently match your working zone when you’re standing. It’s a raised desk of your usual work space to be precise.

Standing Desks

The concept has caught fire and prestigious organizations like Facebook and Google have started to implement this design for whoever wishes to stand and work.

When publishing sites like Mashable and Buzzfeed started posting about this, it caught our attention and we put our analytical cap on!

Inventors of the standing desk support their idea by stating that standing makes for active metabolic activity. Due to our extreme sedentary lifestyles, our health is being affected in so many ways. There’s hardly any exercise to start with. This means there are more chances of developing weak knees and back problems. Hence, a standing desk is the solution for no-movement working hours. It makes you lose weight, it helps you with your posture, it boosts you psychologically so that you’re more productive than usual and it’s a great change from a monotonous working style.

While all this stands true, why we are still unconvinced with the standing desk is because standing in one single place is still no activity!

Don’t get us wrong, there might be many benefits of the trendy standing desk, but it does come with equally [or more] harmful health issues than your regular work practice.

The first main problem that arises is standing all day can put pressure on your feet and legs. While sitting throughout the day can make your body heavy and lethargic, countering this act with standing is going to the other extreme. Our body needs movement at periodic intervals and the legs need at least ten minutes of walking per day. Your body also needs proper relaxation and muscle stretching exercises to de-stress which these standing desks will not help with.

Standing Desk

Secondly, according to psychological research, our body is used to doing things in a particular way. For example, we are used to driving and sleeping in a particular position which our body subconsciously chooses. The body knows better! Standing and working might disrupt the natural psyche of the body. This can put psychological pressure on some people and affect their productivity.

Having pointed out what works for and against it, we think the “Standing Desk” may be yet another American fad. What will really work — either with the standing desk or the sitting one — is an hour of regular exercise every day to keep your metabolism happy and happening! 🙂

Meanwhile, at work, just move it — don’t sit and talk on your mobile, walk and talk. Take across that document instead of calling the office boy. Stay on the go…

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