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Stay Happy And Healthy With Pets!

Stay Happy And Healthy With Pets!

“Marley taught me about living each day with unbridled exuberance and joy, about seizing the moment and following your heart.”- John Grogan, ‘Marley and Me’.

“He yelps with happiness every time I get home!”… “She is such a sweetheart; her tail just doesn’t stop wagging when I’m around.”… “My cat gets food for me from wherever she wanders because she thinks I’m not capable of hunting!”

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You must have heard similar one-liners and conversations from doting pet owners and fond pet lovers. Something that their dog did becomes an ice-breaker for our Monday morning blues. Spotting cat fur on their shirt leads to a whole narrative of what their cat was up to over the weekend.  And, yet another soul is sad because another goldfish met its demise leaving their aquarium empty – again.

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Having a pet is like raising a child; the only difference is that the child grows, goes to school to become wise, old and ambitious, eventually growing out of his innocence. But pets… pets are your children for life! It is amazing how they can be so childlike and expressive, staring at you with the same intensity of love as they did the first time you got them home!

Sure, it was very hard for those with pets to convince their ‘parents’ to get them. But, no surprise, having a pet also brings some health benefits. Here’re some interesting health benefits of raising a pet.

Controlled Blood Pressure – For nearly two decades now, researchers have been observing that pets help in controlling high/low blood pressure.

Low Anxiety – Research states that people with pets have little or no anxiety and also experience less stress while handling the chores of the day. [Because they’re always happy thanks to their pet, maybe?]

Resistance to Allergies – For those trying to adopt a pet you must have heard these common dead-ends like children are allergic to pets, or people tend to become more allergy prone because of pets. Well, all that you’ve heard about allergy vs pets is just a myth. As opposed to these popular misconceptions, it has been observed by researchers that kids, in fact, develop a stronger immune system whilst growing up. The resistance to ward off common skin allergies like eczema is also boosted.

Exercise – It is necessary that your pet should be accustomed to a daily routine. In most cases, people just take their dog or cat for a long walk. For dogs especially, a walk – twice a day – is very necessary. This makes you walk twice a day, which means that you are getting your day’s share of exercise too!

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Service dogs – A popular concept that is being adopted in the United States and UK, service dogs are trained to cater to those who are physically or mentally or medically ill. It’s said that pets, dogs especially, have boosted levels of senses. In service dogs, these senses are trained to sense if anything is going wrong with their companion. They sense if the sugar levels fall drastically in their diabetic companion, they sense if their autistic companion might be attacked by a seizure or fits, they sense depression and, when they do, they are trained to go fetch for help. Doesn’t the concept just sound heart-warming?

Makes you more sociable! Agree or disagree with the points listed above, having a pet definitely makes you more sociable! Either a dog person or a cat person, conversations only end up in mirth and smiles! And c’mon, who doesn’t love pets?! J


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